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Oral probiotics: Keeping a healthy balance

Probiotics are healthy bacteria. They’re mostly known for their impact on digestive health. Research is starting to show that they can also help to keep your mouth healthy.

There are more than 700 bacterial species in the mouth. When the balance among oral bacteria is disrupted due to inadequate oral hygiene, stress and/or poor diet, the microbiome tips out of a healthy balanced state, this is called dysbiosis allowing more pathogenic or disease causing types of bacteria to gain the upper hand and cause oral disease such as dental decay or gum infections like gingivitis or periodontitis.

Probiotics are generally safe. However, you should avoid taking them if you have a high risk of infection due to conditions such as HIV or while undergoing immunosuppressive therapies. Children, seniors, and pregnant women should avoid taking high levels of probiotics without talking to their doctor first.

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